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 ONE Caring Nation 

The Unemployment Rate in Malaysia has increased 45% since Jan 2020.
The job market continues to suffer from the prolonged pandemic situation & more people will be affected.


High Unemployment Rate

Disruption to Business Operations

Negative Impact on Psycho-social Wellbeing

But if everyone could pitch in, we can tackle this challenge...

Total Companies in Malaysia


Total Unemployed Malaysian


Total Jobs Available


If every company offer 0.5 job
we will solve the unemployment issue

The 1-1-1 Movement


Pledge a job for a good cause

Unemployed Malaysian

Be job-ready with a profile & right state of mind


Match and connect manager & jobseeker

 ONE Caring Nation 

What's in it for you?

Caring Company

  • An opportunity to contribute by lending a hand to Malaysians, while satisfying the hiring requirements.

  • Demonstrate kindness by pledging at least one job for this cause

  • Have compassion & flexibility in your requirements to help jobseekers upskill or reskill.

Unemployed Malaysian

  • Get connected to job opportunities from companies/managers

  • Strengthen and widen network for more options in future

  • Opportunity to upskill & reskilling to be more hireable 

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Download Kabel to pledge a job or find a job.



To create 5,000 jobs for 5,000 Malaysians in 31 days

Expected Outcome

  1. Building stronger connection with talents

  2. Giving back to society through coaching, spreading positive vibes

  3. Creating associations between potential job seekers and companies

Participating Companies

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Make A Difference For The Nation

​Be part of this meaningful opportunity to help the nation and change someone's livelihood today.