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Kabel begins with a question -

How can we make job hunting more accessible and easier for the youth?

Having connections in the professional world can be extremely valuable, especially when it comes to finding job opportunities.


However, not everyone has access to such connections, especially those who are fresh out of university.

This is where our job-matching platform comes into play - we aim to empower young professionals by providing them with equal access to a range of job opportunities and resources that can help them kickstart their careers.

Making meaningful connections

With a focus on scaling up and speeding up connections, we have helped employers to provide over 4,000 opportunities to job seekers and made at least 500 successful placements since September 2022.

Our Vision.

To be South East Asia’s no. 1 platform for young professionals to launch their careers.

Our Mission.

To ensure equal opportunity for every youth professional to discover their dream job.

Daniel Yap

Building the Technology

Directs own executive search firm with 20 years of extensive experience in recruiting Skilled-Professionals.

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PMP-certified project manager with a background in Enterprise-grade solutions.

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Meet Our Founders.

Camelia Loh

Leading the Innovation

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