Kabel begins with a question:

How do we make happier employers and employees?

With 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, our roles have always been a human capital connector that helps companies and talents find each other. 


Along the way, we have observed recurring problems faced by companies and employees. 

Companies face low-performance issues, broken teams, bad hires and high turnover rate...

Employees are unhappy at work, quit jobs because of bosses, bad working culture… 


Most of these boil down to mismatched expectations and lack of communication between the line managers and employees, since the beginning at the hiring stage.

We believe in a better way to hire and find jobs. 

A more humanized way where we can communicate expectations, goals and values, instead of dealing with paperwork. We bring together like-minded managers and talents to discover shared goals and build win-win relationships.

Our Vision.

Our vision is a world in which people have fulfilling careers and businesses are sustainable with the right people.

Our Mission.

To inspire corporate professionals to take greater control of their future by identifying opportunities that align with their life goals.


To help companies find the right people with shared goals of the organization.

Meet Our Founders.

Camelia Loh

Leading the Innovation

Directs own executive search firm with 15 years of extensive experience in recruiting Skilled-Professionals.

Daniel Yap

Building the technology

PMP-certified project manager with a background in Enterprise-grade solutions.