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Are You A New Generation Leader?

We know how turbulent it has been in recent years - uncertainty, disruption and continuous change in a remote working environment. Under these threats, leaders face a challenging time to lead a team and make crucial decisions to keep the organization afloat.

Under this chaotic situation, leaders can’t rely or predict success in a linear manner like how they use to steer and direct. The leadership approach of top-down management, where leaders should solve all the problems and have all the answers, is outdated and can’t address these challenges. Command-and-control leaders will only stifle innovation and limit flexibility in the organization.

We must evolve and learn how to lead more effectively in this new world.

This is how leaders can inspire and practice collective leadership;

  • Discover shared goals and show how each member can make an impact in the process of building something together.

  • Create an environment to empower people to bring their best skills and talents to the table.

  • Be humble by seeking solutions from people of all levels, have diversity & inclusion in mind.

So do this the next time you hire someone. Make sure you clarify your intentions and share why you are hiring for the role. Discover shared goals together and let your candidate know why he/she should join you. You should also share clear expectations of what needs to be done and how to achieve goals as a team.

Kabel humanises the hiring process by connecting hirers and candidates directly to build a deeper connection before hiring takes place.

Download & sign up for Kabel on iOS & Android here.

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