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How to Clarify Job Expectations During an Interview

Job descriptions are mostly generic and vague. It describes the position’s responsibilities, required skills, experience and qualifications, but does not accurately reflect the key objectives and what the person needs to accomplish with his or her skills to be successful in the job.

Why is this important?

Because top talents look for jobs beyond their skills and experiences. They look for challenges and opportunities involved, and how to be successful in the job.

Make sure you understand the job demands by asking employers these 4 questions;

  • What are the key objectives or main priorities of the job?

  • What are the biggest challenges in the job?

  • Are there any problems that need to be addressed right away?

  • Is there anything else that needs to be changed, fixed, or improved over the next few months?

With this, you can evaluate whether the job is the right fit for you and if it provides the right challenges and opportunities that matches your skills, values and career goals.

Learn how to manage expectations from the start and how you can meet (and exceed) them to build your career.

Kabel allows you to connect directly with your potential future boss to discover expectations, shared goals and values.

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