How To Spot a Good Boss During an Interview

We've all heard sayings like "People quit bosses, not companies."

People leave jobs due to various reasons, but most of these reasons actually boil down to the boss’ actions or inaction to lead, engage, and retain people.

Your boss is the one who will impact your work experience most. They determine your work, the people you work with and your job growth. They’re also the person you’ll go to when you face problems or need advice.

If you’re looking for a new job, consider how you will get along with your new boss by doing this during the interview stage :

  • Listen to their communication style

  • Understand their priorities by asking and listening to their questions

  • Ask about their expectations for their direct reports or team

  • Recognize what you will potentially learn from them

Working with like-minded bosses makes people feel more satisfied at work, stay in companies longer and achieve better performance.

Having a good boss matters. Don't compromise.

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