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Job Search Is Painful. Here's the Better Way.

Recruitment is broken (and unpleasant)

Looking for a new job is never easy, in fact, it's a really painful one. We've all been there before. Of what is meant to be a positive promise for greener pastures, is often a nightmare.

Let me give you a perspective and identify the culprit/problem area here. You see, most people do not have issues "working in a new company", it is opportunistic and exciting in nature, so no problems there. The problem lies in the process between quitting your job and getting yourself into a new one - the "finding for opportunities" bit.

Naming a few of my personal experience:

  • I don't really know the technicality of what my job encompasses. Any queries are met with being asked to just refer to the generic and vague job descriptions.

  • I don't know when I will get a reply after I apply or attend an interview. Responses are always so slow, or none at all!

Any more examples of how broken the process is? Born out of discontent at how current practices are, I together with a team of similarly frustrated people decided to come up with something different, something better…

We listened and created Kabel

Kabel is a mobile app that makes finding jobs easier.

  • Our platform enables you to connect directly to your hirers, because there’s nothing clearer than knowing and speaking to them directly. You get to ask the real technical questions and truly hear the values and objectives from the person that matters in your job.

  • Next, we create an "opportunity timer" where our platform forces expiry if either party fails to reply. Both hirer and hiree should be accountable to proper deadlines to respect one another's time. This ensures any opportunities you apply to be a more measured and certain one.

How Kabel works

  • Discover job cards available to you every day - curated unique to your background.

  • Check out your hirer's background and swipe on opportunities that interest you.

  • Begin chatting with the hirer when interests are mutual

Yes, it's that simple.

Purposefully designed

We want to continuously stay relevant to our market. Thus upon releasing Beta in Jan 2021, we plan to continuously refine and polish our product with more features to make finding jobs breezier.

As a user, Kabel will remain light, with lots of clickable options – essentially being kept as simple to use as possible. We aren’t the ones to walk away from unfinished work!

So why go for time-consuming pencil-and-paper processes when a few clicks of your mobile phone can get you the same results in a fraction of the time?

Take a sneak-peak on the future of job-hunting.

Download & sign up for Kabel on iOS & Android here.

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