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5 Tips to Make a Real Connection with Employers

Technology is great but when it comes to looking for a job, nothing quite comes close to a face-to-face human connection. That’s why even the most advanced digital communication tools are usually just a primer to the real deal – that all-important in-person meet-up, whether it’s an interview or a chat over coffee.

Now, in a time when Zoom meetings and Whatsapp calls are the norm, it’s easy to forget that when you are physically present with someone, you are not protected by a filter or a mute button. As a refresher, remember to pay attention to these 5 simple aspects, bearing in mind new normal behaviours in these COVID times:

Etiquette is everything

Beyond minding your Ps and Qs, being mindful enough to ask about current practices is essential – like whether masking up is required, or if handshakes are expected. It may seem like common sense yet many people forget that different organisations may have different norms, and taking the time to find out is a huge plus point; it’s also one of the simplest way of augmenting your personal branding with a good first impression.

Keep calm & speak clearly

It’s OK to take your time to think of an answer; speaking clearly and in an unhurried, controlled pace demonstrates that you want to be heard – particularly important if you’re in an environment where wearing a mask is still necessary. You may also want to prepare an elevator pitch so that even in situations when you’re pressed for time, you can express yourself articulately.

Mind the gap

Or more, accurately, the distance. Even when social distancing rules seem to be relaxed, maintaining appropriate personal space can go a long way in creating a conducive atmosphere for conversation. In a boardroom or office setting, it’s likely a seat would have been prepared for you, but in other spaces where you’re not sure what sort of distance is necessary, observing and mirroring what others around you are doing is advisable.

Prop up your conversation

Not everyone has a TedTalk-level presence and confidence when it comes to presenting themselves – and that’s perfectly fine. If you need to support an answer with a visual aid, or have ideas that need to be explained in detail, using a prop, whether it’s a tablet, your smartphone or some other innovative tool, is quite acceptable. Finding interesting new ways to express yourself in person shows initiative, and yes, you’ll likely get props for that.

Know what you’re getting into

It may seem like a given, but never, ever go in blind. With so much information at your disposal, it would not reflect favourably on you if you didn’t at least have a basic knowledge of what a company does, or the foresight to find out what sort of personalities they may be looking for. You’re not expected to know an organisation inside out, but you’ll find that showing a little interest goes a long way.

One great way to get prepped for that face-to-face conversation with a potential hirer is to ask the right questions; in this case, KABEL, the advanced human-centric job-matching platform, has got you sorted. The app comes with essential Smart Interview Questions for you to gain insight into a company’s vision, culture and expectations, and you can even chat directly with the hirer if you have any burning questions. Try it out by downloading KABEL here, and get ready to connect – for real. Plus, stay tuned for announcements on exclusive events where you can meet potential employers face-to-face, coming very soon.

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