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Is It Possible to Have Multiple Careers?

Ever wondered if it was possible to have multiple careers?

This time on Changing Reality, we speak to Sarah Norman, the Former Senior Advisor of Digital to Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States of America; a brilliant TV Commentator, and the Team Lead, Enterprise at TikTok.

While having a phenomenal career at Google and TikTok, Sarah decided to reach out to campaigns that would lead her to earn the role of Senior Advisor at Kamala Harris's political campaign. Find out the experiences that lead to where she is today.

Changing Reality is a segment on WQHS Radio, a radio station based out of the University of Pennsylvania, an ivy league university in the United States and Ascendance, an international youth movement from Malaysia that has impacted over 35,000 students across 28 countries and received the Diana Award 2019.

The show features game-changing individuals who have achieved phenomenal success by pursuing their goals in hopes that they may inspire and impart their knowledge to current students who wish to follow in their footsteps. The show is focused on sharing the personal journeys and real-life stories of these successful individuals.


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