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Recruitment Is Like Dating. Here’s How to Ace It.

Recruiting is a lot like finding love. You want to find and attract the right person, make them interested, and then say YES to the job. Then, it's a relationship where two parties commit to each other with mutual benefits.

How can you attract talents to your company?

Sell your WHY

Talk about your vision, mission & why is the job important. Give them a compelling reason to join you on your journey.

Keep it interesting

Boring job descriptions don’t work anymore. Present the job objectives as a challenge & potential growth for the candidate. Tell them how they can ace the job.

Make them feel good

Provide a better candidate experience by making the job application process easier, faster and more delightful. Communicate the details and respect your candidate. Most importantly, don’t keep them waiting forever for a response!

Kabel encourages hirers to use “Why Join Me” and “To-Do List'' to communicate the values and expectations of the job, and attract candidates who share the same values and goals. Just like dating, it’s about quality, not quantity. We make the process easier, faster and more delightful for everyone.

Kabel wants to enable more quality connections and work-love to happen.

Download & sign up for Kabel on iOS & Android here.

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