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Investing in our future

Join us to advocate for high-skilled jobs and fair pay for youth in Malaysia

What's in it for Youth?

Higher Earning Potential

In the long term, high-skilled jobs tend to offer higher salaries compared to lower-skilled jobs.

Better Career Growth

High-skilled jobs offer continuous learning and development opportunities, so you can advance in your career.

Broader Job Prospects

With in-demand skills, you are more likely to find opportunities that match your abilities & lifestyle preferences.

What's in it for Employers?

Gain Competitive Advantage

Hire young talents who bring innovative ideas and digital skills to stay competitive in the market.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Invest in high-skilled talent to increase productivity and efficiency in the long term.

Contribute to Economic Growth

High-skilled jobs drive economic growth and enhance our competitiveness as a nation.

Investing in our future together

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 5.43.08 PM.png

Help Malaysia to achieve our goal of 45% of high-skilled workforce by 2030, to be a more developed nation.

How to join?

Match. Chat. Hired.

Kabel app connects interns and fresh grads to employers directly. Download Kabel to swipe, match, chat with employers.

Join coffee chats

Get the industry's inside scoop and connect with employers through coffee chats sessions starting 31st July.

Participating Employers & Associations

Participating Institutions

Voices from the community

Unleash your potential and invest in your future as a proactive youth by joining this movement!

Yi Xin_edited_edited.jpg

Yi Xin

Student, Taylor's University

Investing in young talents with digital skills is an investment in the future of SMEs.

CS Chin_edited.jpg

Chin Chee Seong

SME Association of Malaysia

With this open discussion with employers, young graduates can discover career options and make informed decisions to succeed in their future career.

Lily Chai.png

Lily Chai

Former BFM presenter/producer

I encourage youth to join this initiative to be well-equipped for the ever-changing job market.

Kenneth Kok_edited.jpg

Kenneth Kok

Student, Universiti Malaya

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