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Hire talents within days, not weeks or months. 

Kabel specializes in sourcing unique and skilled talents who are motivated to do the job

We shortlist them after an assessment of their pre-qualifiers, match them to your job requirements, and recommend them to you instantly.

It's easy to get started

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Set up your profile & Create your workspace - It’s free!

Collaborate with unlimited number of colleagues.


Post a job

Our AI tool will generate skills and to-do list according to the role.

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Get instant recommendation of candidates

Shortlist candidates who you think are fit for the job.


Wait for a response from candidates you have selected ✅

View your candidate list

A match only happens when candidates select ✅ on your job card

Pay to unlock the chat with a matched candidate


Chat with matched candidates on WhatsApp!

Once unlocked, you can chat with the candidate directly through WhatsApp.

Set up a time for an interview, ask further questions and get to know more about each other.

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Ready to match with talents?

Let us find the right candidate for you.

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