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Chasing Millennials: How to Attract Them to Work for You

You’ve probably heard horror stories about how it’s impossible to hire and retain millennials. In fact, you’ve probably had some experiences of your own. But are millennials really as entitled, self-obsessed and frivolous as they’re made out to be? Maybe the way they look at work is shaped by how they live their lives – fast-paced, tech-heavy, in the moment, over-exposed, unpredictable – and all they need is for recruiters to understand their worldview. Here’s a bite-sized peek into their mindset, and what you can do to get them on your side.

Think Short-Term

Yes, really. Forget future potential; focus on the now. They don’t like waiting, so show them what’s in it for them in the next 6 months. Then watch as they rush to get there.

Get to the Point

It’s not that millennials have a short attention span; it’s that they have no time for BS. So keep things crisp and clean. Tell them what they’re in for and what’s expected of them. Cut to the chase, and they’ll cut through the chaff getting you the results you want.

Perk Them Up

Millennials live in the present; instant gratification works for them. Move your perks and benefits away from long-term gains, and offer things they can grab on to and use, like now – fitness memberships, lifestyle privileges, travel bonuses – to get them into mood.

Give Them a Purpose

Nothing drives millennials like a purpose and a cause they can get behind; show them a better world and their own unique place in it, and chances are, they’ll want to be a part of it. Share about your company's vision and mission, and make them relate to a bigger purpose - instead of doing a job or a task. Millennials want to make a difference – all you need is to give them a chance to do it.

Make Them Part of Something Bigger

Millennials don’t want to join companies; they want to be part of communities. Working with like-minded people in an environment that makes their contributions visible and tangible is almost a sure-fire way to get them on-board – and keep them there.

There’s a lot that goes into recruiting millennials; and we’re just the people to guide you through it. An innovative job-matching app like Kabel emphasises on human connection, allowing the hirers and jobseekers to share vision, goals and expectations. You'll stand a better chance to chase millennials, and attract them to work for you. Check us out and get started.

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