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Get hired with Kabel in four steps

Match. Chat. Hired.



Sign up on Kabel web


Discover your career strengths, skills, interests and purpose through career assessments & get job recommendations

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Filter jobs based on your preferences (salary, distance, & more)

Review the jobs you've previously swiped on (those accepted or rejected)

Accept to show your interest in the job

Reject a job if you're not interested in it

Learn more about the job and company


Pick recommended jobs or hirers that resonates with your values


Get matched & chat with hirers directly on WhatsApp for a more effective communication

A match happens only when both you and an employer show interest in each other

After a match, employers will initiate a chat to reach out to you!


Also available on desktop

Swipe & pick jobs, and chat with employers seamlessly on your desktop

find the right job for you.

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