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Build a world in which every student fulfils their career aspirations

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Join us to be a student-employer.

At Kabel, our mission is to enrich students' lives by connecting them with student-employers that provide opportunities for students’ personal and professional growth. We believe in the transformative power of combining academic learning with real-world work experiences.

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What it means to be a student-employer

It's more than just offering jobs or internships; it's about:

Recognising the potential in today's youth and playing a vital part in building the next generation's workforce through providing job opportunities that will help them launch their careers while meeting your organisational goals.

Being a mentor who will help students thrive, learn, and develop necessary skills that will be the foundation to build their careers and future success.

Our commitment.

With our job-matching platform, we aim to provide a space where students can explore a wide range of career pathways, from technology, business and to the arts. Through these opportunities, they can gain practical work skills and a deeper understanding of their own capabilities and interests.

Our commitment to students and student-employers alike is to create a win-win situation where employers benefit from the fresh perspectives and energy of young talents while they benefit from the mentorship and real-world experience offered by their employers.

Our aim. 

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We see ourselves as not just a job-matching platform but as a catalyst for both young talents and organisations to thrive. Together, as student-employers and students, we are shaping the future of our workforce, one opportunity at a time, and making a positive impact on society and economy as a whole.

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Kabel makes it easy to brand and recruit young talent. Unlike other platforms that only involve job postings, we're able to engage with them directly. We like the talents that we've hired through Kabel.

Sue Ann, Group MD at Shopper360

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