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4 Quick Tips to Recruit Good Talent

Recruitment is like the ultimate game of hide-and-seek. Except, when it comes to finding good talent, they’re not exactly hiding in plain sight. Or are they? Which begs the question; are you looking for the right people, at the right time, in the right places?

A 2018 report commissioned by the Khazanah Research Institute (The School to Work Transition of Young Malaysians, Kuala Lumpur, 2018), revealed that there are glaring mismatches, not just in terms of expectations between what employers look for, and what candidates think employers are looking for, but also in where both parties are seeking to connect. In recent times, this has been compounded by limitations brought about by the pandemic, a shift towards the work-from-home culture, and a rise in the acceptance of gig economy jobs.

So as an employer, recruiter or hirer, what are some quick tweaks you can make to refocus your recruitment efforts and get the people you want? Here are just 4 you can quickly implement.

Make It Human

Online advertisements are the favoured recruitment tool for many employers, but who knew that on the other end of the spectrum, young people actually prefer a more human touch when it comes to first contact with their potential employers? Yes, job seekers are more likely to seek opportunities via public employment services, open interviews or employability training programmes, that is, anything that includes more interaction with real people.

Get Specific

That is, switch from generic job descriptions to drilled-down, purposeful job expectations. By being clear, you can immediately filters out candidates with misconceptions about a position, establish exactly what is expected of a potential employee right from the start, and gives out a clear signal that you know the type of person you want – and are challenging them to seize their opportunity. Hint: Go from “Able to work long hours” to “Capable of delivering time-critical solutions to problems” and see who turns up.

Know What Makes Them Tick

In the previously mentioned 2018 report, one of the most surprising revelations was the dissonance between employers and young workers on the most important job characteristic. Not unexpectedly, employers assumed that high income was the main concern when it came to millennial job seekers, but in reality this ranked far behind work-life balance and job security, which were top of mind for young workers and graduates. While fair remuneration is expected, flexibility seems to a bigger concern as youth seek to live more fulfilled lives. Maybe it’s time to play up on those WFH and offsite perks?

Make It Quick

One main reason why recruiters lose out on quality candidates is the many obstacles they put in the way of actually meeting them. These include manual processes such as reviewing resumes, unnecessary decision making layers and time-consuming administrative tasks; most of which could easily be circumvented with a clear, efficient and dedicated hiring process.


Alternatively, a human-centric job matching app such as KABEL could eliminate these resource-heavy activities altogether. It simplifies the recruitment process by enabling clear, authentic and purposeful interaction between hirers and candidates, including using artificial intelligence to automate filtering based on a customisable set of criteria, and creating a conducive environment for collaborative recruiting. Experience it here; we hope you find what – or more precisely who – you’re looking for.

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