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Forget Campus Recruitment, It's Time to Hire Gen Z Virtually

Remember those chaotic career fairs, filled with nervous students and a sea of company booths? You'd hand out flyers, make small talk, and pray someone actually remembered your company name after the event.

Yeah, that's not exactly cutting it anymore.

For SMEs, campus recruitment can be a time-consuming and expensive process, with little guarantee of success. You're relying on students to be interested in your company, to remember what you said, and to actually apply for a job.

The problem with campus recruitment?

Campus recruitment is outdated

Gen Z doesn't spend their time at career fairs anymore. They're online.

Limited reach

You're only tapping into students from one university. That's a small pool of talent, and the "right" candidates might not even show up.

Student turnout is unpredictable

You spend time, money, and resources setting up a booth, but you never know how many students will actually visit.

Resumes are just a starting point

You collect a stack of resumes, but how do you know they're actually qualified candidates? And even if they're good, are they motivated to work for your company?

It's expensive & inefficient

Think of the cost of booths, travel, and marketing materials. And you're competing with big brands who have massive budgets for those fancy booths and free gifts.

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The Solution: Virtual Recruitment with Kabel

Imagine this: Access to thousands of talented students from across Malaysia, all eager for their next opportunity.

Instead of setting up a booth at just one university, Kabel lets you connect with them virtually, quickly and efficiently.

Here's how Kabel makes virtual recruitment easy and affordable:

  • Create a compelling job description: We help you showcase what Gen Z wants to know about your company and what makes your role unique - the purpose, challenges, and growth potential.

  • Reach more students: We promote your job to a massive pool of talent, so you can find the perfect fit without breaking the bank.

  • Let AI do the heavy lifting: Our algorithm matches your job with candidates who are genuinely interested and qualified with 68% match rate—no more sifting through irrelevant applications and wasting time!

  • Connect & chat: Kabel makes it easy to review profiles, engage with interested students, and even chat with them quickly.

Ready to ditch the campus recruitment and embrace technology? Check out Kabel and try posting a job for free!

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