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Good News, Students! Your CGPA Isn't Everything (But These Things Are)

"Is my CGPA really that important?"

It's the question that keeps every student up at night, especially when graduation is near, and the job search feels like a giant, scary monster. But here's a secret: Those grades aren't the only thing that matters to employers.

In fact, only 10% of companies actually care about your academic performance, based on a survey done with Kabel employers.

Students academic performance - grades aren't everything

So, take a deep breath, and let's talk about what employers are really looking for in fresh grads like you:

The Right Attitude and Mindset (83%)

Look, employers want someone who's excited to learn, willing to roll up their sleeves, and not afraid to take on new challenges. They want to see that spark in your eye, that eagerness to contribute and grow.

How to showcase this:

  • Prove it. Don't just say you're a "fast learner," prove it! Tell them about a time you tackled a tough project, picked up a new skill in a flash, or had to adapt to a crazy situation (we've all been there!).

  • Show off your curiosity. Ask questions, share your ideas, and don't be afraid to take initiative.

  • Be open to feedback. Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that you learn from them.

Soft Skills (78%)

Okay, "soft skills" might sound kinda boring, but trust me, these are the superpowers that will make you awesome in any job. We're talking communication, teamwork, problem-solving – the skills that make you a dream to work with.

How to showcase this:

  • Think beyond your resume. Every experience counts, even if it wasn't a fancy internship! Tell them about those group projects, part-time gigs, or even that time you organized a bake sale for your club. It all adds up.

  • Get specific. Don't just say, "I'm a good communicator." Tell them a story. Did you have to give a presentation that made everyone go "Wow!"? Or maybe you saved the day by resolving a conflict between teammates?

Culture Fit (63%)

Let's be real: Nobody wants to work with people they don't get along with. Employers want to know that you'll vibe with their team, their values, and their way of doing things.

How to showcase this:

  • Do your research. Before you apply, take a look at the company's website, social media, and anything else you can find. What are they all about?

  • Highlight the parts of their culture that excite you. Are they super creative? Do they value teamwork? Are you into their sustainability efforts? Let them know you're on the same page.

  • Let your personality shine through (but keep it professional, of course). Don't be afraid to show them who you are – your passions, your interests, what makes you you.

Technical Skills Proficiency (57%)

Okay, this is where your actual job skills come in. What can you do? Employers want to know you've got the chops to handle the work.

How to showcase this:

  • Don't just list a bunch of technical skills and software on your resume. Tell them about projects you've worked on, challenges you've overcome, and results you've achieved.

  • Build a portfolio. Think of it as your "greatest hits" collection – a website, a GitHub profile, or a folder of your best work.

  • Be prepared to show, not tell. Some companies might have coding challenges, case studies, or other assessments to test your skills. Practice makes perfect!

Relevant Degree/Certification (53%)

Your degree proves you've got the basic knowledge, but it's not a golden ticket to a job.

How to showcase this:

  • Make those classes count. Talk about the projects and assignments that relate to the job you're applying for.

  • Get certified. Those extra certifications show you're serious about your field and that you're always learning.

  • Connect the dots. Explain how your academic experience actually prepared you for the real world.

Potential for Growth & Development (47%)

Nobody wants a stagnant employee. Employers are looking for people who are excited to learn, grow, and become even more awesome.

How to showcase this:

  • Be a learning machine! Talk about courses, workshops, or conferences you've taken (or plan to take).

  • Share your career goals. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Let them know you're ambitious and have a vision for your future.

  • Be a self-starter. Show them you're proactive about developing new skills, even outside of work.

Awareness of Industry Trends (38%)

Knowing what's happening in your field shows employers you're passionate and engaged. You're not just looking for any job – you want a career.

How to showcase this:

  • Be a news junkie (for your industry, at least). Read blogs, follow influencers on social media, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations.

  • Bring your knowledge to the interview. Casually mention something you've read or a challenge the industry is facing.

  • Talk about how you're staying ahead of the curve. Are you learning a new programming language? Experimenting with AI tools? Let them know!

Strong Academic Performance/CGPA (10%)

Let's be honest: Sometimes those grades do matter. But they're only one small part of the picture.

How to showcase this:

  • If your CGPA is awesome, flaunt it! Put it right there on your resume.

  • Focus on the knowledge and skills you gained, not just the grades themselves.

  • Don't sweat it if your CGPA isn't perfect. There are tons of other ways to impress employers.

The Bottom Line: You've got this!

No matter your CGPA, you have the power to create a compelling story that showcases your skills, your values, and your potential. Remember, employers are looking for people, not robots. So be yourself, show your enthusiasm, and you'll find the right fit.

Ready to ditch the soul-crushing job hunt and actually get noticed by employers who get you?

Check out Kabel! We're the job-matching platform that helps you connect with companies that value what makes you unique.

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