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Why Employers Are Wrong About Hiring Gen Z (And How to Actually Get Them On Your Team)

Employers are freaking out about hiring Gen Z.

They’re job-hoppers, they’re “too sensitive,” they’re glued to their phones…sound familiar?

These stereotypes are everywhere. But as a Gen Z mom and the founder of a job-matching platform filled with thousands of these so-called “entitled” kids, I’m here to tell you: You’re wrong.

Here’s the truth about Gen Z (and why they’re the secret weapon your company needs):

1. Gen Z Prioritize Well-Being (and That’s a GOOD Thing)

Yes, Gen Z cares about work-life balance and mental health. But that doesn’t make them lazy or less dedicated. It means they’re smart enough to know that burnout leads to crappy work.

Think about it: A happy employee is a productive employee. And Gen Z knows how to take care of themselves so they can bring their A-game.

Gen Z Young Talents working in a team

2. Job-Hopping Is About Finding the RIGHT Fit

Gen Z isn’t afraid to leave a job that doesn’t align with their values or goals. They’re not settling, and that’s a strength! They’re looking for meaningful work, and they’re willing to keep searching until they find it.

For employers, this means: You need to create workplaces that offer growth, purpose, and a culture that resonates with Gen Z.

3. Digital Communication Is Their Superpower (Use It!)

Gen Z grew up with technology. They’re digital natives who are comfortable with texting, DMs, and online collaboration. This isn’t a weakness, it’s a HUGE advantage in today’s digital world.

Instead of fearing it, leverage it: Create a communication style that works for them, and you’ll unlock their full potential.

4. They’re Tech-Savvy & Ready to Learn

Gen Z is the most tech-literate generation yet. They’re quick learners, adaptable, and can help your company stay ahead of the curve.

Embrace their skills: Give them opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute their digital expertise.

The Bottom Line: Gen Z isn’t the problem — outdated hiring practices are.

To attract and retain this talented generation, you need to adapt. Embrace their strengths, create a workplace that values their needs, and watch your business thrive.

Want to learn more about understanding and attracting Gen Z talent? Check out Kabel — the platform to connect you with the brightest Gen Z talent ready to make a real impact on your business.

. . .

Camelia Loh has 20+ years in recruitment, from Yellow Pages to AI. Now, she’s revolutionizing how companies connect with Gen Z. Founder of Kabel, the “Tinder for careers,” Camelia empowers young talent to find fulfilling work and helps build sustainable businesses. Connect with Camelia on LinkedIn.

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