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Kabel-ing Young Graduates to Employers on BFM 89.9

Kabel was featured on BFM 89.9 - The Business Station today about how we revolutionise the way employers connect with young graduates.

Let's face it, both recruiting young graduates and finding the perfect job can be very challenging. At Kabel, we use AI to recommend relevant jobs and candidates, making it easy for both employers and graduates to quickly shortlist potential matches. So this speeds up the process from months to as short as a few days!

As a data-driven platform, we have some exciting plans this year, focusing on increasing high-skilled job opportunities with fair pay for youth, facilitating engagement sessions between employers and graduates, and enhancing the overall user experience. Everything we do is aimed at improving youth employment, and this will benefit both graduates and businesses.

Full podcast on BFM here.

For those interested in collaboration, feel free to connect with us.

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