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Top 3 Tips for Hiring The Right Talents

Why would talents want to work for your company?

Everyone loves a company with good branding, compensation or benefits such as ping pong tables, beanbags and free snacks.

But if you are looking to attract high-performing talents, you need more than that.

The right talents want to know how they can make a positive impact and how the job can help them grow and progress. They need a CAREER, not just any job. So forget about ping pong tables and free snacks, and think about how you can pitch a career opportunity to them instead.

Here are some tips;

Share your company’s goals

Look for those who believe in your goals and your products/services. If your employees don't believe in you, how do they make your customers believe in your product/services?

Sell a career, not a job

Show them how they can make an impact and how the job contributes to their growth. Let them know why they should invest in the job.

Look for a win-win outcome

It takes 2 hands to clap. If you want a 100% commitment, look for someone with shared goals and interest in the job and so it benefits both the company and the candidate.

Learn how Kabel can help you to pitch to the right talents.

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