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5 Jobs You Can Do With a Business Degree

Graduating with a business degree but still unsure what you can do with your degree? Don’t fret, because a business degree is one of the most versatile degrees that opens various doors for you in the working world.

Business graduates are well sought after because they learn all about the theories related to finance, marketing, management, and administration throughout their degree that are relevant to any industry. Not only that, students get to choose their own specialisation in business including accounting, entrepreneurship, human resources, international business, and more!

Hence, it’s no surprise that business graduates have a wide range of job opportunities to discover and choose from.

Here are 5 career options for business graduates.

Human Resource Specialist

If you are a people person or like to inspire others, you may consider the role of a human resource specialist.

Human resource specialists oversee basic employee functions including recruitment, performance management, training and development, compensation, benefits and wellbeing. They are often the mediators in the company that help employees out and maintain the communication and harmony between team members and managers.

Investment Banker

A highly analytical person who’s interested in investment and the banking industry should consider the role of an investment banker.

Investment bankers can work with banks, financial firms, or offer independent consultation to clients. Their main role is to help clients to manage their financial portfolios, either to reduce expenses or identify market trends to make informed investments. Good investment bankers would help the clients to raise money or identify areas where they may be overspending on. Not only that, they issue bonds and purchase stocks on behalf of the clients too.


You can also consider to be an accountant if you like crunching numbers and analysing cost. Even if you didn’t specifically pursue a degree in accountancy or finance, you can still explore the role of an accountant if you choose finance as your specialisation.

Accountants are important as their role involves maintaining the financial operations of companies by helping them to finance their operations, save money, and maximise profits. Furthermore, other responsibilities also include conducting audits, offering consultation and tax planning services. The services of accountants are enlisted by companies in all types of industries too.

Logistics Specialist

If you’re someone who’s very organised and has a good eye for detail, the role of a logistics specialist might be suitable for you.

Logistics specialists are in charge of ensuring the smooth operation of logistics which begins with the preparation of goods for the delivery process up to the arrival and storage of goods. Moreover, it is important for them to handle shipment receipts, organise transaction schedules, maintain inventory records, facilitate subcontractor activities, and more. Their role is currently high in demand, especially with the rise of the e-commerce industry.

Marketing Specialist

If you find yourself to be more creative and outspoken with excellent communication skills, you should consider a role in marketing.

Marketing specialists are in charge of developing marketing strategies, managing relationships with clients, conducting market research, analysing market trends, and evaluating marketing campaigns results. The role of marketing specialists is more fast paced and include working with many stakeholders to make a marketing campaign successful. They may work with graphic designers, video producers, and liaise with copywriters too.

As long as you are eager to learn and adapt to improve yourself, a business degree can get you into any job that you are interested in exploring. The skills obtained are also often transferable across different jobs and industries.

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